Our Objectives

At Cosham Court Nursing Home we a set of objectives which we strive to achieve. Once these are met we believe that we are providing the highest standard of care possible. These are our 8 objectives;

To ensure that we are responsible for meeting the individual needs of the residents, and provide care to facilitate the highest possible quality of life.

To ensure that staff are adequately trained, supported and managed.

To promote a lifestyle for our residents that meets their social, cultural, religious and recreational needs.

To have an expectation of each member of staff to conduct themselves in a professional and mature manner when attending to the residents.

To provide a caring and supportive environment where the resident feels secure and happy.

To foster an environment of openness and respect, in which residents, family, friends and staff feel valued, and where each person's opinion matters.

To enable staff to gain a sense of achievement and self-fulfilment from their experiences with us.